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Mobile Data Collection Solutions for Warehouse & Distribution

RMS Omega works with warehouse and distribution centers to design, deploy, manage, and service strategic technology solutions that utilize barcode, mobile, wireless, and RFID. We are a total solution provider, committed to helping you improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

Our Platinum-level partnership with Honeywell and decades of expertise allows our supply chain customers to access affordable, industry-leading, data collection technology solutions. Some of our warehouse & distribution solutions include:

  • Inbound & Outbound Inventory
  • Picking & Order Fulfillment
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automated Workflows

Warehouse and Distribution Applications

Inbound & Outbound Inventory

In outbound workflows, it is vital to keep the flow of material on the dock fluid and moving to avoid shipping stalls and delays. Furthermore, you need a solution that brings advanced visibility to your supply chain with easy and automated inventory recording.

Picking & Order Fulfillment

Businesses face unrelenting pressures to reduce costs, better manage the workforce, and deliver perfect customer service. Re-engineer fulfillment processes to become faster, streamlined, and more accurate with automation & wearable technology.

Asset Tracking

Achieve greater inventory visibility. Whether you’re utilizing a barcode inventory system or real-time location tracking with RFID, an automated data collection solution helps enterprises operate more efficiently and with a greater degree of accuracy.

Automated Workflows

Barcode and RFID technology can optimize every area of your warehouse. Collect better data surrounding your operations and automate WIP, material handling, inventory counts, and many other workflows that utilize manual warehouse labor.

Our Data Collection Technology

We work closely with our warehouse & distribution partners to identify the right data collection technology for their application and environment.

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Technology Experts

RMS Omega is a total technology solutions provider for barcode, RFID, voice, wireless, and mobile data collection. When you work with our team, a dedicated expert will help you identify the right hardware, software, and services required to solve your business challenges.

Our Supply Chain Customers

Already know what your looking for? Search our product database. If you have trouble finding a particular device or solution, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

RMS Omega provides a wide variety of equipment for fast and accurate data collection. Need help finding the right products for your application? Contact us!

Learn how you can leverage mobile barcode, RFID, and voice automation technology to optimize processes throughout your entire value chain.

Professional Services

To assist your organization in reaching new levels of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy you need a true partner – not just a vendor. Some of our most popular services include deployment & configuration, remote device management, and repair & support.

Device Staging & Configuration

Have all of your equipment arrive ready and eliminate time spent looking through manuals or finding and installing the right software to get up and running. When units are received by the customer they are completely configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Device Management Services

Managed Services takes the pressure off companies to deploy and maintain their own wireless ecosystem. With Service Level Agreements for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and issue resolution, your organization can stay focused on other business operations.

Repair Services & Support

To help you reach new levels of productivity, you need a true partner; not just a vendor. We offer comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Programs range from time and material service to service contracts, on-site service, and depot repair service.

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