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Using a modern mobile enterprise OS like Android prevents: excessive downtime, loss of productivity, increased maintenance costs, security concerns, the inability to run certain programs or apps, and the threat of falling behind competitors.

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Migration Made Easy4 Simple Steps to a Mobile Device Upgrade

Step 1: Migration

Avoid major changes all at once by having your workforce adapt to new hardware while keeping the software experience the same.

Step 2: Optimization

As workers start getting familiar with the devices you can build enhancements to increase the speed of your applications.

Step 3: Modernization

Once familiarity is built with new devices and workflows are optimized, it’s time to modernize the user interface. This is where programs are transformed into touch-enabled apps with the look and feel of an Android interface.

Step 4: Voice Automation

Add an extra layer of productivity to your Android migration by voice automating workflows. Reduce the time workers spend reading tasks and inputting data with voice-directed workflows.

When you purchase an eligible Honeywell device with a 3- or 5-year service plan you get a FREE extra year of service and disposal services for your old hardware.

Trying to find the right device? Contact our helpful team of experts to get started. We take the time to understand your workflows and identify the best technology for your unique requirements.

3 Big Reasons to Upgrade From an Old OS

Modernization Isn’t a Maybe,
It’s a Must

As of 2020, Microsoft has ended support for Windows Mobile and CE-Embedded Operating Systems, leaving these devices prone to security issues. In fact, around 77% of the mobile computers sold in 2016 and prior are no longer supported.

Considering, that enterprise devices have a lifespan of 3-5 years, many IT and operations managers need to prioritizing a move to Android. By performing a mobile device upgrade to a modern OS like Android, organizations can achieve:

  • Assured OS security to protect enterprise data
  • Intuitive device interface that
    reduces training times
  • Faster, Android-optimized applications, and programs
  • Modern user-interface for improved productivity, efficiency, and performance

Modernize with A Total Technology Solutions Provider

Mobile Computers

Regardless of your application, choose from a variety of rugged, Android-based handhelds, scan guns, and PDAs that fit your operation’s requirements.

Barcode Scanners

Instantly and reliably read 1D and 2D barcodes. Flawlessly scan faded barcodes with general-purpose, rugged, wearable, or presentation scanners.

Printers & Supplies

RMS Omega provides full printing solutions with Honeywell industrial, desktop, and mobile printers as well as supplies and accessories.

Mounted Computers

Vehicle-mounted computers provide powerful, rugged mobile computing for forklifts and other vehicle workflows. Even in cold-storage environments.

Wearable Devices

Make your workflows hands-free with wearable scanners, mobile computers, and accessories that eliminate wasted movement for product picking and handling.

Voice Automation

Voice-enable existing applications with device-based software for simplified workflows that eliminate errors, training time, and language barriers.

Wireless Networking

Build a reliable network with the right hardware, software, and services. We partner with Extreme Networks, a leader for LAN and WLAN infrastructure, and provide continued support.

Services & Support

Round out your solution with RMS Omega’s signature services, including wireless networking, authorized repairs, device deployment, and managed IT