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Upgrade with the Honeywell Trade-In Program

Give your business the benefits of the latest technology by taking advantage of the Honeywell trade-in program. Trade in your devices when you purchase the newest Honeywell technology and get rewarded with an extra year of free service and free recycling of old hardware.

Take advantage of new, faster, and better systems integration with the Honeywell Trade-In Program!

Honeywell Trade-In Program

How the Trade-In Program Works

You must purchase an eligible Honeywell device with a three- or five-year service plan. Then trade in your old Honeywell devices and receive the latest technology!

Unlimited Trade-Ins

The Honeywell program doesn’t limit trade-in devices, and you can also trade in competitor and consumer devices! The number of new units purchased that receive free service depends on the number of eligible units traded and the number of purchased units.

Data Protection

Security is a top priority at Honeywell and critical to the trade-in program. After trading in your old devices, Honeywell will wipe the data from your hardware, ensuring your data and devices are safe.

Fast Processing

Trade-in devices must be received at the Honeywell Processing Center within 90 days of the invoice for the new equipment. Once the devices are received, Honeywell will ship the latest devices.

Trade-In Devices

Mobile Computers

Provide a seamless user experience with the latest Honeywell mobile computers.


Upgrade to the latest technology in industrial, desktop, and mobile printing.

Enterprise Digital Assistants

Equip on-the-move workers with the latest lightweight and high-performing EDAs.


Improve workflows and data capture with the newest lightweight and rugged tablets.

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