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Honeywell’s RFID technology meets the highest industry and deployment standards and helps businesses implement more efficient inventory recording and asset management. Furthermore, Honeywell delivers a good return on investment with its compact, cost-effective designs and a low deployment cost for asset tracking systems.

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See how Honeywell RIFD solutions have increased supply chain visibility and eliminated unnecessary costs. Download the Mission Foods Direct Store Delivery Case Study

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10 Considerations for Upgrading Mobile Devices

When is the last time you upgraded? Outdated devices can expose your operations to excessive downtime, loss of productivity, increased maintenance costs, security concerns, the inability to run certain programs or apps, and the threat of falling behind competitors. Before your next upgrade, here are ten things to keep in mind.

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RMS Omega leverages its Platinum level partnership with Honeywell to help supply chains, warehouses, and retailers design, build, implement, and maintain high-performing RFID systems. Our specialists are happy to assist you in finding the right hardware, software, accessories, and support you need for a specific application.

Setting up an RFID system can be challenging. That’s why we support businesses with a portfolio of services to ensure a complete and successful solution.

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