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Ruggedized Tablets Designed for Work

Honeywell’s rugged, enterprise tablets equip retail, DSD, field service, and T&L operations with flexible solutions that fit a wide range of workflows. Exceptional WiFi performance and a wide assortment of mounting hardware enable mounting in forklifts and other vehicles used for logistics management in warehouses, ports, docks, and yards.

Excellent cellular connectivity and advanced barcode scanning make them ideal for work requiring a truly mobile office such as field sales, direct store delivery, and field service. All tablets come with the enterprise reliability, security, and OS upgradeability that the IT team loves.

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Featured Enterprise Tablets

Honeywell Tablets are built to improve workflows and data capture for a variety of applications. From point of sale, field service, inventory, inbound and outbound logistics, and plant management, Honeywell’s tablets deliver superior scanning, connectivity, and computing power to get the job done.

Honeywell’s RT10 series of enterprise tablets presents workers with a light and durable 10.1-inch, high-resolution display for data capture. Beyond their appearance, Honeywell tablets also provide flexible ease-of-use and advanced connectivity. In addition to providing a reliable connection for field workers, the RT10 also has many features that make it a must-have inside the four walls. The RT10 is built for industrial environments that require rugged computing due to its MIL-STD 810G and IP65 rating. Similar to Honeywell scanners, Honeywell tablets boast powerful 1D and 2D scanning of mid and long-range barcodes. Honeywell tablets also come with customizable attachments as well as options for both Android and Windows users.


The RT10A is Honeywell’s rugged Android tablet that comes with a hot-swappable battery and comfortable design for all-day use. With its rugged architecture and host of accessories, the RT10A can benefit a variety of different workflows.


The RT10W tablet comes with all the specs and features of Honeywell’s Android version in addition to being compatible with Windows OS.

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10 Considerations When Upgrading Your Mobile Devices

When is the last time you upgraded? Outdated devices can expose your operations to excessive downtime, loss of productivity, increased maintenance costs, security concerns, the inability to run certain programs or apps, and the threat of falling behind competitors. Before your next upgrade, here are ten things to keep in mind.

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