Maximize Supply Chain Performance with Rugged Mobility

End to End Visibility for Transportation and Logistics

Get unparalleled visibility over your transportation and logistics journey with the right technology. From inbound to outbound logistics, accurate inventory management is critical. Our RFID and barcode solutions ensure asset records are up to date and delivery operations are optimized.

Transportation and Logistics Applications

Inbound Logistics

The inbound/receiving process is vital for making sure your facility has everything it needs in the right quantities, so you can create a clear chain of custody with suppliers.

Outbound Logistics

In logistics, you operate by a strict schedule. Having the right technology can keep the flow of material on the dock fluid and moving to avoid shipping delays.

Inventory Management

A complete barcode or RFID system allows supply chains to have an enterprise-wide, view of the goods, people, and equipment that shape and optimize operations.

Fleet Management

With reliable hardware and MDM, you can proactively monitor and improve your mobile workforce, delivery workflows, and provide exceptional customer service.

Product Selection Considerations

Rugged Reliability

T&L requires devices with rugged construction to withstand drops, dust, water, and a range of temperatures. Trust in only the most rugged and reliable devices that will stand up to the challenging environment of your warehouse or DC.

Drop Rating

In warehouses and DCs, devices are often dropped from heights or moving vehicles. Extensive tests are done for drop and tumble ratings to ensure devices withstand the abuse they encounter in the supply chain. IP ratings are also important for gauging how susceptible a device is to moisture or dust particles.


The freedom that wireless connectivity and mobility provide supply chain workers can not be understated. Handheld technology with powerful connectivity inside and outside the four walls improves worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Mobility Management

T&L arguably has more mobile workers than any other industry. Supply chains that span across the country need to make sure all of their devices receive the right OS, software, and security updates at the right time.

Products We Offer

Handheld Mobile Devices

Light, powerful, and rugged enough to endure even the most demanding applications, these mobile and wireless data-collection devices are designed to meet your needs.

Enterprise Tablets

From point of sale, field service, inventory, inbound and outbound logistics, and plant management, Honeywell’s tablets deliver superior scanning, connectivity, and computing power to get the job done.

Barcode Scanners

Due to their powerful scan engines, Honeywell readers can scan the most unreadable 1D and 2D barcodes. Furthermore, Honeywell scanners are made to be lightweight and intuitive, making them a favorite among end-users.

Vehicle-Mount Computer

The rugged Honeywell vehicle mount computers are built to withstand the toughest environments; they are simple to operate with high visibility touch screens and large ruggedized keyboards with backlit keys.

Label Printers

Recognized for quality, durability, and reliability, Honeywell printers offer a wide range of features including multiple protocol support, programmability, internet printing and management, wireless connectivity, internal Ethernet support, RFID, and liner-less technology.

Mobile Printers

Honeywell mobile printers boast a variety of rugged and reliable features for the mobile workforce. They are ideal for fieldwork, warehouses, transportation & logistics, and retail.

RFID Technology

Our RFID systems are built with the best readers printers, tags, antennas, and accessories to provide you the highest efficiency and security of data collected within your facility.

Software & Services

Round out your project with the right software and support. We work with a variety of software vendors and provide in-house support and services to give you a complete solution.

T&L Solution Brief

Rugged Vs. Consumer Device Guide

Future-Proof For The Digital Era

Already know what your looking for? Search our product database. If you have trouble finding a particular device or solution, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

RMS Omega and Honeywell provide a wide variety of equipment for fast and accurate data collection. Explore the T&L product catalog to find the appropriate hardware for your facility.

Professional Services

Device Staging & Configuration

Have all of your equipment arrive ready to use and eliminate time spent looking through manuals or finding and installing the right software to get up and running. When units are received by the customer they are completely configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Device Management Services

Managed Services takes the pressure off companies to deploy and maintain their own wireless ecosystem. With Service Level Agreements for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and issue resolution, your organization can stay focused on other business operations.

Repair Services & Support

To assist your organization in reaching new levels of productivity, you need a true partner; not just a vendor. RMS Omega offers comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Our programs range from time and material service to service contracts, on-site service to depot repair service.

10 Considerations When Upgrading Your Mobile Devices

When is the last time you upgraded? Outdated devices can expose your operations to excessive downtime, loss of productivity, increased maintenance costs, security concerns, the inability to run certain programs or apps, and the threat of falling behind competitors. Before your next upgrade, here are ten things to keep in mind.

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