Experience the Power of Modern Mobile Computing

Honeywell mobile computers are designed to keep pace with the demands of your mobile workforce, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. As a Honeywell Platinum Performance Partner, RMS Omega has specialized knowledge of Honeywell products and solutions. Our partnership also means we have the advantage of preferred pricing, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

Close up image of warehouse worker using a Honeywell CT47 mobile computer to scan warehouse rack.

Trade In Your Old Technology & Save!

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Mobile Computers Built For a Variety of Industries

Honeywell mobile computers are purpose-built for specialized operations, including:





Field Service

Featured Device: Honeywell CT47

The CT47 is Honeywell’s latest in rugged mobile computing technology with 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for inside the four walls and out in the field. The reliable and durable CT47 is a great fit for warehouse and logistics workers who require the best in processor and memory technology as well as guaranteed support through Android 16.

  • 5.5″ full high-definition display.
  • Gorilla glass touch panel that works with glove, stylus, and rain modes.
  • Meets IP65 & IP68 standards.
  • 14+ hour operating life.

See CT47 Product Sheet

RMS Omega and Honeywell provide a wide variety of mobile computers to meet your demands. Don’t let your devices slow you down. Download our guide to view the top 10 key considerations when upgrading your mobile computers.

Rugged and Reliable Mobile Computers With the Functionality You Need

Mobile computers help empower workers to stay productive, connected, and efficient within every touchpoint of their workflows. The Honeywell suite of computers is built for industrial environments, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

Honeywell’s rugged handheld mobile computers are small and lightweight yet provide industry-specific features and functionality with a level of enterprise performance and uncompromising durability that consumer-grade devices aren’t designed to do.

The Perfect Computer For Any Environment

  • Healthcare Computers
    Maximize clinician productivity and data capture
  • Handheld Computers
    Built for industrial environments
  • Wearable Computers
    Designed to keep mobile workers’ hands-free
  • EDAs
    Lightweight, entry-level mobile computing
  • Tablets
    Rugged tablets for industrial and field service applications
Mobile Computer Suite

Purpose-Built Honeywell Mobile Computers

Staying connected to your workforce and data is imperative in business operations. Honeywell mobile computers increase worker productivity, reduce fatigue, and empower employees across operations. From handheld and wearable computers to tablets and EDAs, Honeywell provides industry-leading technology to fit your needs.

  • Long battery life
  • Easy integration
  • High-speed data capture
  • Rapid user adoption
  • Create actionable insights

Looking to trade in your old devices?

Honeywell’s Trade-In Program allows you to receive the latest enterprise mobile computing technology plus a free year of service.

Honeywell Trade-In Program