Inventory & Data Collection Solutions

Between high consumer demand, part shortages, and productivity challenges, the automotive supply chain has experienced no lack of disruptions recently. RMS Omega has over 20 years of industry experience and is committed to helping automotive suppliers improve operations with technology for:

● Asset Tracking & Inventory
● Android Modernization
● Automated Data Collection

Whether you’re looking to ditch manual inventory processes or achieve enterprise-wide product visibility, RMS Omega Technologies, a Platinum Honeywell AIDC Partner, is committed to solving your specific challenges.

RMS Omega is a Total Technology Solutions Provider

What Our Customers Are Saying

✓ Enhance Visibility & Accuracy

Automate inventory counts and eliminate errors during shipping and receiving with a passive RFID system. Or receive real-time asset locations with active RFID, providing you with complete visibility and insight into your supply chain.

 • Automated RFID Inventory

 • Eliminate Shipping & Receiving Errors

 • Real-Time Inventory Locations

 • WIP Tracking

✓ Modernize Operations

Already have barcoding equipment? Make sure your team is operating at peak productivity by trading in old legacy devices for faster, more secure, Android-based mobile computers. Optimize workflows and warehouse productivity with voice-directed workflows and wearable technology.

 • Fast & Secure Android OS

 • Voice-Directed Workflows

 • Mobile Device Management

 • Wearable Devices & Mobile Workstations

✓ Improve Data Collection

Eliminate manual data entry from your operations with a tailored barcode system from RMS Omega’s industry experts and leading scanners, printers, and mobile computers from Honeywell.

 • Device Trade-In & Rebates

 • Barcode Inventory Systems

 • Reliable Printing & Supplies

 • AIDC Hardware & Software

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Solving the Automotive Supply Chain’s Biggest Challenges

With the average vehicle having around 30,000 parts, managing the moving pieces of the automotive supply chain is no easy task. As a technology partner for a global automotive manufacturer, RMS Omega Technologies is familiar with the hurdles your supply chain faces and the technology required to overcome them.